CodeMash is once again happy to announce our 3d Printing and CAD Modeling room and programming trackIf you have ever wanted to get some hands-on experience with these technologies, this will be a great opportunity. Space will be limited to the size of the rooms, but registration is not required. We are running tracks for both Adults and Kidz- see below for more information. Even if you don’t have time for a class feel free to drop in and check out the printers and all the cool projects on display. A special thanks to Brian and Elizabeth Carnes of Sea Dog Game Studios for coordinating these activities.


Logistics Info

When is it? Session Tracks for Adults and Kidz run Tues-Fri.

  • Tues-Thurs: Adult sessions run from 1pm-4pm. Kidz sessions run from 8:30 am-noon.
  • Fri: No Adult sessions scheduled. Kidz sessions run from 8:30 am-noon.
  • Advanced projects 4-6PM Tues and Thurs

Where is it?  Please Note New Location. The CodeMash 3D printing and CAD Modeling room is being held in the Crown Palm/Acacia huts rooms along the Grand Hall in the Kalahari.

Cost?  Free. 

How do I register? Registration is not required. Just show up!


Kidz Track Info (Tues-Fri)

A Kid’s World of 3D printing and CAD.  8:30AM-10AM

This session is targeted for children. All ages of children are welcome (with a responsible adult). We will tour the 3D printer lab and talk about the exciting world of 3D printing. We will look at the printers as well as models made on them and pass around lots of things. We will also go over basics of how to make models and different types of CAD apps including some that are free or more kid friendly. We’ll also discuss where to get free model and where to print them. This is the basic overview. Kids should start with this session before using the lab or doing the follow-up modeling course.

A Kid’s introduction to 3D Modeling.  10AM-12PM

This second session is a follow up where we get to make models! Again, children must have a responsible adult present. We will work with a fully featured CAD application called Rhino3d and walk through the process of building a basic model from geometric shapes. We will explain the XYZ coordinate system, and what the different views are for. We will also spend some time playing with the transform functions. This session is best for kids with basic skills in measurement, elementary-level geometry, and basic computer skills. The session is probably most appropriate for children over 8 but all are welcome based on the child’s capabilities and ability to enjoy. The goal of the session will be to create up to two basic things- a cup, and a keychain.

Less confident or younger kids are welcome to pair up with parents or siblings and just watch the parent/sibling. Kids that complete the kid projects without issue are welcome in the adult walk-through lab as they will be making slightly more advanced models that are different.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a fairly large number of printers in the lab so our kids can possibly print items they make in class. We will be able to produce a screen render of any models kids would like, and we make our best efforts to print at least one model per student, based on demand.


Adults Track Info (Tues-Thurs)

From idea to physical series: A basic overview of the world of CAD and 3D printing.  1-2PM

This session will talk about the exciting world of 3D printing. We will go over exciting trends and happenings in the 3D printing world. We’ll then cover choosing a CAD app and will briefly cover using curated 3D printer object libraries and different CAD apps that might be more appropriate to different types of projects. We will also cover different types of 3d printers as well as advantages and disadvantages of 3d printing services. After this session you’ll have the starting point on how to make models, where to get them if the model already exists, and where to print them. If you have heard of the exciting world of CAD and 3D printing but have never tried it or would like a basic overview, this session is for you!

From idea to physical: A demo of how to make CAD models in Rhino3d.  2-4PM

This lab is intended to be a fast-paced technology walk-through of the process of creating a 3D printed object.  We will focus in on the process of using CAD to create our model with a NURBS modeler called Rhino3D and will walk through the UI and how Rhino uses basic curves and shapes to create more advanced geometry and create up to three basic models: a goblet, and a challenge coin

High School aged teens or late junior high aged students may also attend adult sessions. Additionally, kids that complete all kid projects in the morning sessions without issue are welcome in this lab as well as we will be making slightly more advanced models that are different.


Bonus Advanced Track Info (Tues and Thurs)

From idea to physical series: NEW Codemash Race League project. (open to Adults and Kidz) 4-6PM 

Can’t get enough model building? Want to make something more advanced than your basic cups/keychains/challenge coins? We’ve noticed we have some repeat students each year on our kids track that just love to build models, and we’ve also run several years of our introductory track for adults. We wanted to add some additional options to expand model building skills for those who have been through our previous sessions.

We are running a more advanced Rhino model-building walk-through session, welcome to anyone (kids or adults) who have gone through the regular introductory sessions. These run after the adult sessions in the afternoon- 4-6pm.

This year we are planning to work on a new project we have been developing to build a raceable “matchbox/hot wheels scaled” 3d-printed race car. The goal will be to using a variety of model techniques to produce a car that resembles a real race car and then print it out on the lab’s advances SLA resin printers. While this session will repeat, the idea will be that attendees are welcome to come to multiple race league sessions and make different cars or continue working on tuning the model into a super car!

We will have some track pieces at the lab to test and possibly race the cars once we get them built!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a session that is likely have both kid and adult attendees, and the session assumes basic familiarity with the Rhino interface. If your child has attended the introductory class and is looking for a chance to make something more complex, they are welcome in this class. It is likely best for High School aged teens or late junior high aged students, but any kid that has completed the introductory class without issue and is able to follow a slightly faster paced class may also attend.