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401, 2024

CodeMash 2024 Communications 101

By |January 4th, 2024|

We now have an Attendee Handbook accessible HERE which details What To Expect at CodeMash! Check it out!   How do you keep up-to-the-minute on information during CodeMash? The following are the "official" communications channels. We know you don’t want to miss anything during the week of the conference; so we hope this helps. Comms 101 We try to keep information up to date as much as possible. Emails. For [...]

201, 2024

Now Available: CodeMash 2024 Artemis/Laser-Tag Tickets

By |January 2nd, 2024|

Once upon a time, in a galaxy kinda far away, there was a starship that boldly went where no person had gone before. It was piloted by the infamous Captain Firk, and his 2nd Officer, Spork. Many good times were had. Or so the legends say. If you've never heard of the Artemis, you really should check it out while it is docked at CodeMash! Tickets are Required. Times are [...]

2712, 2023

What’s on the CodeMash 2024 menu?

By |December 27th, 2023|

We've worked hard with the Kalahari and aim to offer a variety of options to accommodate diverse tastes and dietary restrictions. Every year, we review results from the CodeMash attendee survey, which factors into our menu planning. If you really love the food, please let us know. Have some helpful suggestions? Be sure to give us feedback in the post-event survey. There are hand sanitizers and glove machines at the [...]


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