On Tuesday, October 8th, ticket sales launched. We’d like to thank the great outpouring of support- over 1000 tickets have sold already!

This year, we are implementing early bird pricing, which is good thru November 8th. Our goal with this pricing change is to encourage earlier ticket sales, so we can secure the best logistical pricing possible for CodeMash. Our own costs increase after certain deadlines, so increasing ticket prices after November 8th helps offset that.

Ticket Pricing Issues. Because of the way our system is set up with discount codes and pricing changes this year, we experienced a few glitches. (That, and the internet cats were up to some extra mischief).  This resulted in a pricing inconsistency. If you purchased a 4 day ticket for $750, we will be refunding you $50, because the early bird ticket price is $700. There were about 500 tickets sold at the higher price. We have 12 monkeys diligently working to process refunds (the gophers have been fired). No action is required on your part to get the refund.

In addition, some sponsors may also have paid extra for tickets. Those partial refunds are also being processed.

What about a hotel code for the Kalahari? Last year, CodeMash processed reservations for the Kalahari. The new process allows attendees to work directly with the hotel, and removes many moving parts. If you have purchased a 4 day CodeMash ticket, use the following link and access code to reserve a hotel room at the Kalahari:

Kalahari Hotel Reservation Link: https://book.passkey.com/e/49992582
Access Code: 244466666

Other area hotels are also available. More info here: https://codemash.org/buytickets

What’s the difference? 2 day vs. 4 day tickets. A 2 day ticket is good for Thursday and Friday only, which is the main conference. General sessions are 1 hour long. A 4 day ticket (sometimes referred to as “full conference ticket”) adds Tuesday and Wednesday, which is the “Pre-Compiler”. The Pre-Compiler format is more hands-on in nature, and the sessions are 4 hours long with a lunch break in-between. View session information here:  https://codemash.org/session-list/

Haven’t purchased a ticket yet? No problem, more info here: https://codemash.org/buytickets

Thanks for your understanding and support as we work to improve registration logistics. We look forward to an amazing CodeMash 2020!