We are rapidly approaching when tickets will go on sale. As we have for a few years now, we will offer half of the tickets in a special alumni only sale. Each alumni will have already received an email from us, sent to the email address they registered with on Eventbrite.com.

Why do we have an alumni window? Because a big part of CodeMash being awesome is the attendees, namely you the alumni. We want to give you a chance to make it back, and help us to continue to be awesome. We reserve 1,000 tickets for the 2,000 alumni, so there still isn’t a guarantee that you can get a ticket.

This special link can be clicked multiple times, but can only be used once to actually buy a ticket.

Because of there being 2,000+ alumni, and only a few goats on the registration team, we can not handle any missed emails or bad “I changed my job so my email doesn’t work any more” problems. Sorry.

The alumni window will open on 10/1/2014, with regular tickets going on sale on 10/8/2014.

A sample of the email you should be looking for is pasted below.

Dear Esteemed and Glorious CodeMash Alumni [name here] residing at <email>.


We here at CodeMash surely do appreciate you having come to CodeMash in 2014, and want to let you know that we are ever so diligently working to organize and hold the CodeMash 2015 event, which promises to be bigger and better than a county fair.

Over 2,000 alumni are receiving this email, while there are only 1000 alumni tickets available. If you don¹t get an alumni ticket, you will still be able to buy once the general audience tickets are available. You will find, in this email, a special, personalized link for you to use to make your ticket purchases. We love the atmosphere of CodeMash, and feel it is you that makes CodeMash what it is. So we want you back.

At the appropriate time, you will click the above provided registration link (paste it into a browser if the clicky-clicky doesn¹t work), and proceed to buy your single ticket. This code is sent to the email we have on file for you from last year. We know that geeks can be a bit nomadic, but we have no way of knowing what your new email might be, so this offer is only good to the prior year¹s ticket holder, through the email address we have on file. We will not be issuing codes to people that changed email addresses. That is just too much work for our Unicorns to pull off.

The Alumni tickets will be on sale on on October 1st, 2014 at 3:05pm EDT. The all-call-cattle-call-open-for-all-more-cowbells ticket window will open one week later, on October 8th, at a somewhat randomly selected time. Probably in the afternoon, unless it is cloudy out, then maybe a bit earlier.

To know precisely which time the non-alumni ticket reserve will be available, please pay attention to the Google Group, the Intertubes, FacePage, Tweeter, cloud formations and blahgs. If CNN doesn¹t cover this, then they¹re poopy heads. It will be announced.

If you were selected as a speaker this year, you will not need this link, and you should not use it or give it to anyone else.


If your company will only provide you with a base ticket, you will be able to an upgrade ticket at our Eventbrite.com site once the full ticket sale begins.  We will have precompilers on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the main conference on Thursday and Friday, as usual. You will be able to buy the normal two day ticket, as well as a three day and four day tickets. Days attended are contiguous, and must end on the Friday. Meaning, you can¹t buy the two day ticket and attend only Tuesday and Wednesday. We are working with the IRS to help simplify the ticketing process.

This link is only good for one ticket purchase.

It will not work until the ticket window is open.



Conference Only ­ Thursday and Friday: $300

Conference + single Precompiler ­ Wednesday through Friday: $450

Conference + double Precompiler ­ Tuesday through Friday: $600

Some common questions:

–        Oh noes, I clicked the link before the date.

o   That’s ok. The link is good for one purchase, not one click.

–        I clicked the link before 10/1 @ 3:05 PM EDT and it said there aren’t any tickets. Are you sold out?

o   No. By definition, if the sale hasn’t started, we can’t be sold out. The ticket list will show there aren’t available until the sale date, BECAUSE THERE AREN’T ANY AVAILABLE UNTIL THE SALE DATE. Once the magic minute approaches, the unicorns will unlock all of the reserved tickets.

–        What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass?

o   Beer.

–       I went to CodeMash last year, but my email address changed.

o   We are sorry, we can’t change and resend codes. It sucks, I know, but with over 2,000 people it is just umpossible for us to handle it.


Yours in Nerddom,

CodeMash Board, Committees, Volunteers, Shark Tamers and Jorge the Singing Kangaroo

ps. You can reply to this email if you have questions, concerns, regrets, denials, or confessions.