The CodeMash staff have been working to pull together the tickets and hotels for 2018, and we are finally ready to share this information. There are a few details left to nail down, but we wanted to get the 99% out there as early as we could. You can read all of the details at

  1. Tickets will go on sale October 4th, 4:00pm Ohio time. It’s a time zone, we checked.
  2. Due to the rising cost of food, we’ve raised the ticket price just a bit this year. Two day tickets will be $350. Four day tickets will be $650. In the past, the four day ticket was always double of the two day ticket. But, the two ticket actually costs more because of the extra meals we provide, so we only applied the price increase to the two day ticket.
  3. Kalahari reservations- Instead of the wait list this year, we are going to setup a different ticket type in Eventbrite for each room type, and then set a ticket limit for each type based on how many rooms of that type are available. We will have all attendee rooms available, along with the four day ticket purchase, from the get go. This will let you know immediately if you got a room, and of what type. No more waiting weeks to find out about the wait list, and getting three buddies to get on the wait list as well even if you are all going to share and then getting multiple reservations from the wait list and then cancelling them causing me to have to perform Excel yoga to recalculate the wait list and work with the hotel to clear those reservations and reassign to people lower on down the list. You will get your reservation with your four day ticket, but you will still pay the hotel directly. Please read the hotels page for details on how this works.
  4. We have worked with the Great Wolf Lodge to be our official Family Special Package hotel. We’ve negotiated a bunch of discounts in their stores and restaurants, a special Jr. Lifeguard Water Safety training course (seating limited), and are providing a KidzMash playroom at the Great Wolf Lodge. Their waterpark is known for catering to kids ten and under. While the Kalahari has some stuff for young kids, they really focus on teens and up. If you stay at the Great Wolf Lodge, you will have access to both waterparks!
  5. We are able to simplify ‘upgrades’ this year. In years past, an employer might pay for the two day ticket, and the attendee would then buy a second ticket, called an upgrade ticket. This would effectively upgrade their ticket from two to four days. In reality, this led to two tickets in the system, and just caused friction and chaos for us. Eventbrite has released a new feature that lets you upgrade a ticket from one type to another, and then pay the difference. They call this ‘transferring’, but we call it ‘ok!’. The tickets page has a link to instructions on how to do this.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to, and we’ll help you as quickly as we can.