Codemash 2024 Lightning Talks Registration is OPEN!

Go Here to sign up to talk!


Wednesday Night, 7pm, in the main room! People come, people talk about exciting talks, so much lightning!! You could come and watch; You could come and talk!!


What is a lightning talk? Great question! I have an answer!!

lightning talk is a short, at most 6-minute, talk about anything you want. It doesn’t have to be about technology, it can be about literally anything!

  • Want to be funny and give a deeply-researched talk about actual lightning? BONUS POINTS!!!!!
  • Want to give a talk on how to cross-stitch or other stitching? PEOPLE WILL DIG IT!!
  • Want to give a talk about the origami that you are learning? THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

The great thing about the night is that you can literally both GIVE A TALK and WATCH THE TALKS! So possible!



When is this happening?
Wednesday, January 10, 7pm
Main dining area (Kilimanjaro Ballroom)

What is the format?
6-minute talks
with or without slides

Who is speaking?

How do I sign up?
Go Here to sign up!

Do you have any examples of prior year’s talks?
Yes! Check out our YouTube channel.

When do I find out if I get to talk?
If you submit a talk, it is about 99% sure that you will speak. We generally end up with around 20 to 25 speakers over the course of the night, so you’ll almost assuredly be one of those. We will reach out to everyone in late December with further logistics details.

Can I use my own computer?
Sorry, no. The slides run off the central Kalahari super-computers, in order to get them up on the mega-huge screens. So you have to deliver slides to us in PDF, PowerPoint on Windows, or a link to an online slide program. Slides are due to the officially licensed CodeMash AV crew by Tuesday, January 9.
You will however have exclusive use of a slide advancing wireless clicker device while on stage. Or a monkey. Not sure which.

Any other questions??
Join the #lightning-talks channel on the Codemash discord.