Wednesday night, 7pm, in the main room, come see people give short talks on things they are excited about. Every year, we have so many great talks, and you can experience them. Or, even better, YOU CAN GIVE ONE!!!!

What is a lightning talk? Funny you should ask, because I have an answer for you!

lightning talk is a short, at most 6-minute, talk about anything you want. It doesn’t have to be about technology, it can be about literally anything!

  • Want to be funny and give a deeply-research talk about actual lightning? BONUS POINTS!!!!!
  • Want to give a talk on how to fold fitted sheets? OMG! YOU KNOW HOW???? Please help us!
  • Want to give a talk about the origami that you are learning? THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

The great thing about the night is that you can literally both GIVE A TALK and WATCH THE TALKS! So possible!

More information over the next couple weeks, leading up to CodeMash.


When is this happening?
Wednesday, January 9, 7 pm
Main dining area

What is the format?
6-minute talks
with or without slides

Who is speaking?

How do I sign up?
We’ll open the submission system on December 26th. (Another announcement will come out)

Do I have to rush on the 26th to get in?
It is better if you do it early, but you won’t have to rush. We try to let everyone talk.

When do I find out if I get to talk?
If you submit a talk, it is about 99% sure that you will speak. We generally end up with around 20 to 25 speakers over the course of the night, so you’ll almost assuredly be one of those.

Can I use my own computer?
Sorry, no. The slides run off the central Kalahari computers, in order to get them up on the big screens. So you have to deliver slides to me in PDF or a link to an online slide program.

Any other questions??
Tweet us @codemash or visit the Slack channel!