Pine Car Bragging Rights!

So you always wanted to help your kid win the Pine Car Derby, but you also wanted it to be “their car”? Well now’s your chance to earn those “Derby Bragging Rights” direct from CodeMash…and this won’t just be any Derby…this will be “The Derby”.

There are only a few rules…you must conform to the size limits of a regulation derby car (so it will fit on the track), you must not damage the track and it must not be a safety hazard (i.e. propulsion systems should be controlled)…other than that anything goes after the cars have left the starting gate. The max height of the car permitted is 4 inches. It must fit under the timing mechanism on the track.

What will you build?

We recommend buying the Woodland Scenics Pine Car Derby Kit, and bringing it to CodeMash. We will also have a few kits available for sale during CodeMash. Registration will be handled on site, just come by the Maker Space (Empress room). Use the tools in the CodeMash Maker Space to work on your car.  More details will be provided on site.

Prizes for:

  • Fastest Regulation Car
  • Fastest Non-regulation Car
  • Most Devious Design
  • Most Technically Advanced
  •  …and maybe more

Bring a car from your past.

Bring your kids car.

Bring a kit from the craft store, get one at CodeMash (we’ll have limited quantities), or buy the one from the link above.

Design and build it on site, and practice on the track ahead of time.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do!

Limited supplies will be available at CodeMash (however, WalMart and Home Depot are just around the corner).