The “maker” aspect of CodeMash is growing this year, building on the successes of NodeBots and Holiday Light Fight of last year. This year we have grown the program, and co-located all of the sessions and lab stations into one space. We call the new space the CodeMash Factory.

The CodeMash Factory will completely fill the Executive Center on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can find it by looking for the Atrium on the hotel map. We will have all five rooms, plus the Atrium, dedicated to the Factory. We will be running sessions on IoT, NodeBots, and much more. CodeMash has purchased a bevy of 3d printers and Hololenses for you to try you hand at as well.

All tool stations and supplies will be in the “Workshop”, located in Ebony. The 3d printers, Hololenses, and other gadgets will be the “Laboratory”, located in Empress. The Workshop and the Laboratory will be in the same rooms all week. The side rooms will be used for the sessions scheduled in the Factory.

In years past you had to request a special ticket to reserve a seat for many of the hardware based sessions. This year we will not be doing that. All sessions will be first come first served. You may be paired up with other random people so that each kit has a full team working on it.

Due to the machinery and possibility for flying flaming bits of hot steel, we are requiring ALL humans in the Factory to have a waiver on file, and to wear safety glasses at all times. Last year you had to sign a waiver to enter the Factory, because hurty-boo-boo’s could happen. This year, we made the waiver as part of the ticket purchase process, so everyone is all set. Any KidzMash attendees will have to sign a waiver before they enter, with their guardians.