Thursday night at CodeMash is AfterDark night. A few years ago we thought “Why should the great content end at 5:00pm?” p208800078-2So we decided to add a track called AfterDark that is filled with fun and quirky sessions. These sessions are very ‘open house’ like, and are run during the Thursday night attendee party (along with the game room, Artemis, the jam session with instruments for anyone to play, food, drinks, chatter, and much wow).

 A session can be serious, funny, hands on, lecture, or something completely different. They can be 30 minutes long, or four hours long. It’s up to you. Just be prepared to have attendees that are enjoying the party wander in and out. Please submit your ideas to by November 25th 2015, with a subject of After Dark that contains the session title, abstract and length of the session. There is a limit to the number of sessions we can host, but we promise they’ll be interesting.

In the past we’ve had hacking games, lightning talks on how to make JavaScript sing the Batman theme song, and taught people how to pick locks. What will you do? Juggle flaming penguins? Virtual Reality Lawnmower Racing? Sci-Fi Book discussion and review? Knitting Circle?