Interested in speaking at CodeMash? If yes, please head over and check out all the details here: 

We value diversity and are looking for speakers of all backgrounds, of all levels, and all walks of life! We are also looking for new-to-CodeMash speakers. Take a look at our YouTube channel to get a better idea of past talks:

We have a number of tracks that we’re looking for talks on, including:

  • General Sessions (One Hour, Thurs/Fri)
  • PreCompiler Sessions (4 Hours, Tues/Wed)
  • KidzMash Sessions (One Hour, Tues-Fri)
  • KidzMash Divez (2 hours, Tues-Fri)

Please don’t wait too long to submit! The Call for Speakers will close on 8/31/2021 at 11:59pm Eastern Time Zone.

If there is anything else we can do to convince you to take a chance and submit your talk, please let us know at

This year we are testing out something new!

For people looking for help with their talk proposal, we will have a very limited offering of office hours.  We will offer a handful of 1:1 sessions and a couple of group sessions.  If you sign up, please only take 1 slot.  If this goes well, we will look to expand this for next year.  *Disclaimer:  Attending office hours does not guarantee talk acceptance.

You can sign up here:

*If you have questions about how we are doing things this year with respect to COVID-19, please see our updated page here: