Announcing the CodeMash Call for Sponsors!

If you would like to sponsor CodeMash, we have great news for you- Call for Sponsors opens on Aug 23 at Noon Eastern Time.  See the Sponsor Prospectus for details!

What does it mean to sponsor CodeMash?

Every year, we rely on sponsors to help cover the costs of running the conference. Sponsors may sign up for specific things (like the Waterpark Party, Game Room, and Lanyards), or they may opt to host an exhibit at our event. Some do both!  Leading up to the conference, we make tweaks to our event logistics depending on the level of sponsorship that comes in.

We also don’t limit sponsorship options to what is in the prospectus. If you have a great idea (like hosting a sloth petting zoo, or doing Llama driven development) we would love to explore that with you. Please use the email address listed in the Sponsor Prospectus to contact us with your idea!

What are the benefits of sponsoring CodeMash?

Exhibiting Sponsors (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Adamantium, Unobtainium) are provided with booth space during the conference. We also proudly display sponsor logos on our website and provide signage in the hallways during the event, depending on sponsor level. Sponsors and attendees are able to connect with one another during CodeMash. At past events, sponsors have come from a variety of backgrounds, which typically include: recruiters, software/technology companies, and community / nonprofit organizations.

A booth location will be assigned when you purchase the sponsorship (except for Silver – we manually assign those in December). You can swap locations at any time (through December), much like picking your seat on a commercial flight, provided that there are open spots for your sponsorship level. Example: In the beginning, Golds are locked out of some of the spots closer to the registration booth, but as time goes on, we’ll make all spots available to everyone.

Don’t want an exhibit? No problem. Many of our options can be purchased stand-alone as well.

How can I sponsor?

Head over to our sponsor portal. You will need to sign in to see the latest sponsor catalog and remaining quantities. All purchases are made through the portal, and we also use this throughout the event to help with logistics. Special note: Sponsor space is limited and will sell out. Early on, more space is allocated to higher-cost sponsorships. As the conference nears, we shift unsold space to lower-cost sponsorships; so check back often!