Ever wonder what it takes to pull off a conference with 2500+ people like CodeMash?

Aside from many gallons of caffeine, it takes a lot of minions volunteers.  At least 50, to be exact. This is in addition to our core committee and board members, who are also volunteers.

What kind of volunteers are needed for CodeMash?

  • College / STEM students that are 18 or older at the time of CodeMash (January 7, 2019).
  • Those who are willing to put in hard work (roughly 75% of the time…) doing random, sometimes menial (but occasionally fun) tasks.
  • Volunteers do not necessarily need to be majoring in a computer science/engineering related field, but should have an interest in learning about software development, testing, technology, etc.
  • Having customer service skills is a plus. Otherwise, you may end up being assigned to muck out the Camel stalls.

CodeMash covers the hotel/meal costs for all volunteers, and you may even get a chance to attend a session or two.

If you would like to consider volunteering for CodeMash, please head over to the Volunteer Form.  Be sure to double check that you will be available from Monday afternoon, January 7th through Friday evening, January 11th before signing up.