CodeMash is a completely volunteer run organization. The board works year round, and the committee works about nine months each year to prepare for CodeMash. Beyond this is a team of session track owners that help select a few sessions out of the avalanche each year.

In addition to this core group of about twenty people are a raft of volunteers that we need at the event to help with manpower.

c38438ae0537fd6502f5dbdf772314f0As in past years, we have a ‘call for volunteers’. We utilize the volunteer program as a way to expose college students in a STEM program to CodeMash and help them start their careers, or folks who are early in their IT careers (including recent graduates, or those who have changed careers ).

This year we will be selecting about 50 volunteers. It will be an open application process.

What are we looking for?

  • Over 18.0 years of age at the time of CodeMash
  • College students in a STEM program or early in your IT career
  • Passion for technology and community
  • Provide your own transportation to/from the conference
  • Available to be at CodeMash the whole week. Starting Monday afternoon, on January 6th 2020 through Friday evening on January 10th, 2020.

What will you be doing as a volunteer? It will differ from person to person, but each volunteer will be expected to work about 75% of their time at CodeMash. There will be a lot of different tasks. Some of those include:

  • Session Proctoring – As a volunteer, you are expected to stay in the session rooms during complete session making sure the speaker has everything they need and there are not any problems. This includes session timing, any AV technical issues, and helping the speaker be super awesome.
  • Lunch Proctoring – As a volunteer, you are expected to help out with the lunch time rush, directing attendees to open buffet’s and directing traffic.
  • Registration Desk – As a volunteer, you are expected to help out at the registration desk, helping the attendees register and handing out swag along with other misc. tasks.
  • KidzMash program support – We get over 750 kids at CodeMash. Some volunteers will be helping with the kids programming.
  • Assembling Speaker Bags
  • Random tasks with little perceived value
  • Yak Shaving

What can you expect for benefits?

  • An amazing opportunity to network with technology professionals, and world renowned speakers. This is a great way to start your career.
  • A paid shared hotel room with at least one other volunteer at the Kalahari.
  • A four day pass to CodeMash, including all meals.
  • All attendee benefits as well as staff benefits. This includes the famous, and usually really needed, CodeMash Hoodie(tm).

The application form will be open until all of the 50-ish spots are filled. We will announce the first round of volunteers on Oct 14, with further selections every few weeks until CodeMash kicks off.

Still want to sign up? Apply to be a volunteer