The past two weeks we’ve had sales open only to alumni sponsors.  Today we opened up sponsorship sales to any and all comers. The past two weeks we’ve had sales open only to alumni sponsors. So come on and get your sponsorship on. Don’t push or rush, it isn’t Black Friday.

The super great news is that we’ve already raised nearly $100,000 to support CodeMash 2016!

A great big bowl of steaming thanks goes out to our sponsors who really do play a big role in making CodeMash possible.

In other great news, calendar enthusiasts are really hitting kickstarter hard with the software craftsmanship calendar fundraising! So hard, that TMW is kicking in enough cash to get a calendar for every attendee of CodeMash 2016! This is fantastic news.

There are still corporate calendar sponsorships left, which gets you a whole month on the wall of my bathroom. And 5,000 other people’s offices, dungeons, training rooms, lobbies, and tree houses.

Just a reminder, sponsoring the calendar doesn’t get CodeMash any money. We’re just telling you because we love giving them out, and think the calendar really embodies some of the CodeMash spirit. You sponsor us as well. 🙂