rAsrKG7So you just arrived in town for CodeMash and you are wondering what to do next?

Reminder: You can register after 6pm the night before your ticket begins, not sooner. We HIGHLY recommend that you check in the night before your first day. The morning check in line can be brutal. There were reports of autocannibalism last year.

  1. Download the official CodeMash app, EventsXD. It has a facility map built in, and includes all session data, activities information, and other cool stuff. You should also bookmark the shuttle tracking web app.
  2. Check in at your hotel. If you are off campus, read about the shuttle schedule, and use the above mentioned web app. We will have coat racks near the shuttle stop (Entrance B), and you can leave valuables with the Kalahari concierge desk for free.
  3. Head over the Kalahari conference center. Look for the signs pointing to the CodeMash Registration Booth. On the generic maps, it is called the Orange Registration Booth (near entrance A) because it is outside the Orange conference room. We swear they didn’t name it after Brian’s hair.
  4. Present the nice people in the booth with your EventBrite ticket. This can be on your phone with their app, or a print out. All we need is the bar code. If you forget your ticket, we can take a photo id that matches the name on your Eventbrite ticket, but that will slow the process down.
  5. Listen to what they say. They will give you a blank badge and a cheat sheet for the things you were supposed to listen to but didn’t because you were too excited. It’s ok, we get that. There are tables later in the process with markers so you can write whatever you want on your badge. We recommend your name. On both sides.
  6. If you are staying off campus they will give you enough waterpark wristbands for your family, just ask.
  7. This year, all of the soda and drink tickets are embedded in your badge using our patented “Whole Puncher” technology. It’s not a taxi, nor a ride sharing service.
  8. We are not printing an event book this year. All session data is on the web, and our official CodeMash app, EventsXD. We will also have daily details sheets at the registration booth each morning. The app and the sheets will have a map of the facility. There are also giant paper maps all over the place.
  9. Slide to your right to the next window. Select a size for your hoodie. You don’t have to take the size from your ticket order, but it has to be the right size for you. You can not pick a small women’s size for your child, for example. We ordered sizes based on the ticket orders. There is a mark on your badge that will be punched when you pickup said goodies. If they offer to punch you, they probably mean your badge, but duck just in case. IF the line for ticket pickup is backed up, this window will close. Just come back a bit later to pickup your swag.
  10. Slide to the next window and pick up the other gifts, for example your USB stick. Read the stuff on the stick. There are special offers from our sponsors. For example, a coupon for a free ebook.
  11. Slide and/or shuffle to the marker/lanyard station. Write your name and other pertinents on your badge, and hang it on a lanyard. You must wear your badge at all times while at CodeMash, especially for meals. Remember that you signed both the Code of Conduct, and a Waiver, when you bought your ticket.
  12. Your badge will have a bar code. You can use the scanning website (https://barcode.codemash.org) to claim your barcode. This site will let you decide what personal information you share when a sponsor scans your badge. You can let sponsors scan you to enter their drawings, if you want to. Over 85% of attendees were scanned by sponsors in 2014.

The registration booth will be your first stop if you have any questions. The operating hours vary a bit based on need and agile planning, but you can expect the booth to open up a bit before breakfast, and stay open at least until 9pm each night.