Egads! We’re in the middle of summer, which means CodeMash is less than 6 months away. We thought it was about time to get a few announcements out. Read on!

First, we have a calendar of dates to announce, as listed below and on our homepage.

  • Aug 15: Topic Interest Survey
  • Aug 15-31 : Call for Speakers
  • Aug 26: Sponsorships Open
  • Oct 1:  Sessions Announced
  • Oct 8 : Tickets Go on Sale
  • Dec 1 : Full Schedule Published
  • Jan 7-10 : CodeMash 2020!

We also have this year’s theme to announce.  In recent years, our themes have included “8-bit”, “ASCII”, and “Shark” .  We asked our twitter followers to guess the theme, and heard some pretty good ideas (“Hindsight”, “Vision”, and “C#” were some favorites). Close, but not quite… we’re going a bit more retro. But also with style. This year, we’re excited to announce that our theme is “Roaring 20’s Art Deco”!








All announcements come from this blog, and get emailed to our mailing list automatically. They also get posted to our solar-powered twitter feed. Keep an eye on your inbox for more announcements.

We look forward to seeing you in January!