We hope you’ve had a chance to apply some of what you’ve learned at CodeMash by now… In case you need a refresher, or missed a session, fret not! Pluralsight has posted videos of many sessions that were recorded during CodeMash 2020. These videos are “free” and do not require a subscription. Check out all of the CodeMash 2020 session videos here: https://www.pluralsight.com/authors/codemash-conference
A PluralSight Path (content curated/organized by category) is also available using this link: https://www.pluralsight.com/paths/codemash-conference-2020
About PluralSight
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Got Pics?
All of the Zagg Studios photos from CodeMash are posted and available for free download. (Speaker head-shot photos require a password which has been sent out to the subjects of those head-shot photos. All of the other photos are viewable without a password.) CodeMash photos can be found at: https://photos.zaggstudios.com/codemash2020