What is the Maker Space?

Attendees will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with coding, electronics, 3d printing, and assembling hardware.  You will be able to gather in a physical space and network with other attendees. The CodeMash Maker Space will be located in Ironwood, which is near the 3d printing lab.  (A floor plan of the conference center will be available in the soon to be released CodeMash mobile app).

The 3d Printing Lab is also part of the Maker Space, but the focus of this announcement is the Electronics Lab. 

Maker Space Electronics Lab Format

During CodeMash, you will find other like-minded makers of all experience levels working on projects or just hanging out. We encourage attendees to bring their own project (BYOP) or even show it off in the “Maker Showcase”. Find out more details on the CodeMash Maker Space page.

Mini sessions & Time Slots

The CodeMash Maker Space encourages an atmosphere of learning and has something to offer attendees at any level of experience. Mini Sessions (approximately 30 minutes each) will be held on Thursday and Friday in Mangrove. When sessions are not running, we will have “open lab” where you can just come by and work in the space, which will also run on Tues afternoon and Wednesday. The Maker Space will be open from 9-5 during the conference, though we will open a little later on Tuesday, and close a little earlier on Friday (~3pm).

Registration to attend mini sessions is not required. Tickets are available for purchase if you want to keep the hardware.

  • Intro to Soldering
  • Getting started in basic electronics

If you purchase a ticket, please pick up your hardware by going to the Maker Space Electronics Lab (Ironwood) and checking in. Tickets are allocated on a daily basis (Tues-Fri) to help control flow to the space. You are welcome to work on your project on a different day, but ticket holders for a given day will have priority in the space. Depending on the project, you can make significant progress in an hour. Please keep in mind that many projects also require tools, which are shared among attendees.

Learn more here by visiting the CodeMash Maker Space page.