Howdy CodeMashers,

We have two announcements regarding the board that governs CodeMash. As you know, CodeMash has always been run by a small group of volunteers.

After being a member of the board for six years, and serving as the board secretary, Rob Gillen has retired from service, and has been promoted to attendee. He was a tireless member of the board, elevating how we worked with our contributors and the speaker community. His knowledge and mindset will be missed. If you see him at CodeMash, please let him know that we all appreciate the hard work he has put in over the years to guarantee we had great content for everyone.


With Rob’s departure, that obviously left a seat on the board open. Over a period of six months, the board sought out a variety of candidates to take Rob’s seat. The process led us to several very good candidates, and a very hard decision. We are excited to announce that Alyssa Diaz will be the next board member of CodeMash.

She will take Rob’s seat, and his responsibilities, effective immediately. She will focus on content and speakers, as Rob did. She has already begun the process of speaker selection for CodeMash 2022, and has started to assemble the speaker selection committee.

Alyssa Diaz (Secretary, Board of Directors) is a Principal Engineer at Stitch Fix with 20 years of experience developing software. Prior to her current role designing and building in ruby, she taught software development at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. Before that, she worked primarily in Enterprise Java in Columbus, OH. She has enjoyed mentoring and teaching with various organizations over the years. In her spare time, you can find her making all sorts of things. She works in many mediums (metal, wood, fiber, and glass) and is always hungry to learn more!