Wondering how to stay up to date on all-things CodeMash?  This article highlights all the “official” communications channels. We know it can be quite a challenge effectively getting the word out on everything happening during the Week of Awesome ™ so we hope this helps.

Comms 101

We try to keep information up to date as much as possible, and are mostly committed to using the channels below.

  1. Random Emails. For important announcements, we send emails straight from our Undersea headquarters (which moves to the deep end of the Wave Pool during CodeMash). Check your spam folder if you’re not getting them. We also recently found out that some attendees weren’t getting emails, because our mail chimp (quite literally) made a mess of the email lists. We’d explain what happened, but it’s not safe for lunch (NSFL).
  2. Tweeter. Follow @codemash https://twitter.com/codemash  This channel is used to tweet announcements and, on occasion, random thoughts and snark from the organizers. During CodeMash, we keep an eye on tweets. If you want to stay up to date on the latest/greatest news, keep an eye on the twitter feed. If you want to join in on the fun, tweet with the #CodeMash hashtag. (Only #CodeMash, never the year). During meals, we have a rotating tweetinator that shows top tweets using the #CodeMash hashtag.
  3. The CodeMash Blahg. The blog is used to share important information prior to the con. If you haven’t visited there yet, you can see all the past articles in chronological order. All blog posts are printed and handed to the mail chimp, who is supposed to email them out to all attendees. An RSS feed is available, and we also will tweet when a new article is published. The good news: if you didn’t get the emails, you can view them in chronological order on the CodeMash Blahg. Happy scrolling!
  4. Codemash.org Schedule– all session topics, times, and speaker info are posted on the CodeMash.org web site. A wide calendar view available here:  https://codemash.org/schedule/ . You can also see the detailed view on the session list page.
  5. Mobile App – the official mobile app for 2020 is once again AttendeeHub by CrowdCompass. It should be ready a few days before CodeMash, but we have the link available now. You can run it on an iOS, Android, or web browser. Download for your phone (Android or iOS), or use the web app. We plan to communicate urgent, time sensitive announcements (like if we have a level 3 snow emergency, or certain sessions get cancelled, or that there is a sloth available for photo ops in the lobby.. though we still haven’t managed to get that one yet) through the mobile app.
  6. Slack. Slack is a very popular chat system, available on most OS’s (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Slack is largely community driven. We have created several channels, so you can follow the channels you want to keep up with (too many to list here).  All tweets are automatically published to the announcement channel. Join here.  Using this link will allow you to sign up with any valid email address. Staff members often frequent Slack to help answer questions, but during the con you may get a faster response with other methods. And don’t let us pen you in. If a channel is missing, ask an Admin to create it.
  7. Digital Signage. Schedules are posted in digital format outside the conference room. New for 2020: we will have digital screens outside each room this year displaying relevant info.
  8. Honorable Mention: Facebook Page, Google Group. Key information and announcements are also posted to the CodeMash Conference Facebook page timeline.  The Google Group was used in past years and still has chatter from time to time from the community, but is no longer used for official announcements.

Analog Channels

If you’re not feeling the digital thing, that’s ok! Keep in mind our budget for pixie dust and black magic markers was cut. Here are a few non-digital ways to get information:

  1. The Main Stage. During meals and in the evening, we rotate important announcements on the large screen in the dining room, above the main stage. New for 2020: we will also play some videos.
  2. CodeMash Staff. Ask a staff member, though probably not an intern unless it’s an easy question. Staff members will be wearing different CodeMash hoodies with “Staff” printed somewhere on them. The staff members in the main registration area are the most helpful, because they have probably answered the same question about 314.15 times already.
  3. Room Proctors. In a session and something isn’t quite right? Each session has an assigned a room proctor. They are there to help make sure video / audio are working for the session.
  4. Lost and Found. Lost something in the conference area? Check at the main registration booth.
  5. Hotel Staff. Have a question about the hotel, an issue with your room, or in need of extra towels? Maybe your coffee maker broken? Please check with a Hotel Staff member.
  6. Random carrier pigeons throughout the water park. We no longer recommend using this method due to the messy nature of these creatures. We’re not saying the chimp is much better, but at least he’s contained to one spot.

Stay tuned: We’ll be releasing a series the week before CodeMash on “What to Expect”.