We hired a professional photography team from ZAGG Studios this year to cover our event. They took tons of photos, including people sleeping in the halls, each session and speaker, some of the battling robots and lights, the gaming room, Artemis, and lots of other stuff. They put forth an amazing amount of effort, and we think they did a fantastic job.

Please go check them out.   zaggstudios.com/codemash-2015/

Rules of use: Please see the site for the full details. But, as a summary:

  • Free for personal use if you keep the ZAGG watermark.
  • $1 to use for personal use without the watermark.
  • $25 to use for commercial purposes.

Please use the contact form on the site to contact ZAGG Studios with any questions or work you’d like to use them for. We can’t recommend them enough.