Update to CodeMash Covid Policy

All participants over the age of 2 (kidzmash, guardians, monkeys, attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff, etc.) will be required to wear a face mask and/or a face shield at all times (except when both seated and eating/drinking, and except for speakers while they are presenting their session(s)) while in the Conference Center area. The Kalahari Hotel rules will apply to the hotel space.

Added Details on How The Event Will Be Run

There will be two Buffet line types in main dining hall. Most lines are normal self-serve but will have gloves for attendees to wear. One line will be manned by Kalahari staff, to limit utensil touching. Attendees choose which type of line they want to use.

Adjustments to session room seating arrangements have been made, to incorporate social distancing. Session rooms will have posted capacity limits to help with social distancing.

Main dining room will have four (instead of 8) chairs per dining table. The tables will still be the same size tables as last year.


For the our full covid policy go to https://codemash.org/covid/