CodeMash has many attendees, and not all of them can fit in the Kalahari. Therefore, many hotels are required and we want to make it as safe and easy as possible to get to and from CodeMash.

In case you are wondering, the shuttle is indeed high tech- but it’s the kind that stays on the ground, not the kind that goes to space (maybe we’ll have one of those at a future event). We are using highly sophisticated devices in each shuttle for real-time location tracking, so that you can know down to the second where the shuttle is. Visit to view the shuttle’s locations and schedule. Your location will also be displayed on the web app.

New for 2020: the schedule has been fine tuned and the transportation vendor will be driving a ginormous bus  proudly displaying “CodeMash Shuttle” on the side. Smaller vehicles will also be used. Each hotel should have CodeMash shuttle information in their lobby as well.

The shuttles can be used by any CodeMash attendee, or family member.

Shuttles run every 30 minutes, and more often during peak times.

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • 6:30 AM – Midnight


  • 6:30 AM – 2:00 AM


  • 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Pick-up & Drop-off Locations


  • Conference Center Entrance B: all times
  • Kalahari Main Entrance: Thursday night only, 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Comfort Inn, Best Western, Great Wolf Lodge, Hampton Inn:

  • The shuttle will stop at the main entrance


Call (916) 4CO-MASH (916) 426-6274