At CodeMash this year, we are welcoming back Gaming Nomads. They are running two bridges of Artemis, and many games of lazer tag. We also want to thank Cleveland Tech Events for sponsoring this, and making it possible. It may appear like super cool video games on the surface, but this is an excellent way to work on teamwork and communication skills.

You can sign up for session slots online,

Please arrive at Salon C ten minutes before your session.

Join five of your friends or complete strangers as you take control of a spaceship bridge!  Will you be the Helmsman, deftly guiding your ship through all the dangers of the sector?  Or the Weapons officer, locking on to your enemy before you send them to a fiery death?  Or perhaps the Science officer, scanning the enemy for weaknesses and providing navigational bearings?  Or maybe the Communications officer, coordinating the efforts of your allies and convincing your foes that they should surrender while they still can?  Or do you want to be the maestro of the Engineering console, keeping all the systems running at their peak efficiency while coordinating the damage control teams to heal your ship?  Or do you want to be the Captain, taking the input from all your officers in order to make the hard decisions that have to be made in order to survive and emerge victorious?

The Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator lets you play any of these roles as you go up against fleets from multiple races who want to destroy your ship and your space stations in order to wrest control of the sector away from you.  Whether you voyage with old friends or soon to be new friends, this will be one of the most enjoyable team-building experiences that you have ever had!

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator was created by Thom Robertson ( and is presented by Gaming Nomads (

There will also be a large Lazer Tag arena, with upgraded weapons, targets, and environmental obstacles (ok, walls and couches). Sign up is heavily suggested, but if you drop by you might be lucky enough to find an open slot to drop into.