CodeMash is only a few days away! Make sure you plan on participating in the most official unofficial door decorating contest on the planet.

What is a door decorating contest? Simple. Decorate your hotel door (hotel doesn’t matter, you can even play from home). Then submit your door. Well, a picture of said door, not the door itself. Then see if you win. The announcement of the winning door will be made during the closing raffle on Friday afternoon.

Why? For years, the group that followed CodeMash at the Kalahari was a cheer leading/dance competition. They are why our contract forbids any use of any soft of glitter. 🙁 Each team would decorate their doors. And Joe thought, “If they can do it, we can too.”

My favorite, from several years ago, was MorDoor!


All of the details are here:!topic/codemash/137NLad-iLE