Friday, the last day of CodeMash. /SadFace

Breakfast starts a little later today, at 7:30am, and runs until 8:30am.

Sessions will be like Thursday, each being one hour long, and having a 15 minute break.

Lunch will be like Thursday, open dining, where you can come in when you have time.

After lunch will be a round of sponsor sessions, just like on Thursday.

The closing ceremony/raffle will start at 5pm in the main dining room. When you pick up your badge you will receive a set of raffle tickets. Keep the big stub as your claim ticket, and go to the reg booth any time from 10am forward to review what the prizes will be. You can then bid on the prizes you want to win. Put one ticket in ten different prizes, or all ten tickets in one prize. Some sponsors will have their prizes at their booth. So you will have to find those, if you want to bid on them. The drawing does start at 5pm, and you have to be present to win. The family is invited.


7pm we will start planning for CodeMash v2.0.1.8, our twelfth year.