We have a few tricks up our sleeves with our new Mobile App! If you haven’t already, please go download it. The Mobile App will work on iOS, Android, and a web version is available for other devices (including Windows 10 and Macs).  More info here.

Session Feedback

Our Mobile App (AttendeeHub) gives you the ability to leave session feedback. Leaving feedback about sessions is very beneficial for both the CodeMash Conference and our speakers.  It should only take a minute or less to leave feedback. At the end of the session, open the Mobile App, select the session you are attending,  scroll to the bottom and click or tap “Session Survey”. There are just a few questions: rate the quality, rate how much you will use what you’ve learned, and provide any additional comments.

Beacon Technology

New for this year: we are testing out beacon technology.  (Not bacon technology.. sorry!) If you are near a beacon, and you have enabled location services in the app, you will get a special notification on your phone. For example, we have a beacon strategically placed near registration to provide a URL the barcode page. Notifications will only fire periodically and will not spam your phone.  In order for this feature to work, notifications must be enabled for your the AttendeeHub app. In iOS, got to Settings, Privacy, Location Services and make sure it is on.  Then browser to AttendeeHub and select “Always”.