Now Available on Eventbrite

One of our PreCompilers this year has a purchaseable kit for use during the PreCompiler session: Paul Pagel’s “Build Your Own Gaming System”. If you plan to attend his PreCompiler, please head over to Eventbrite to purchase a ticket for a kit. Show us your Eventbrite ticket at the Precompiler and we’ll hand you one of the kits.

We have also added another Makerspace kit: CodeMash UFO Badge. 🙂

Hardware Kits Currently Available

[MakerSpace] Bluefruit Project Kit
Want to learn how to make blinky light or beepy noise things? Or.. Possibly something a little more ambitious? Purchase this kit (which includes a “Circuit Playground Bluefruit” device and accessories), and learn how to code it in the Maker Space by attending sessions, or self-paced on-line instruction. You will need to install Pre-requisites on your Mac or PC to write code for this software. Soldering is not required for this project.

[MakerSpace] Learn to Solder Kit
Purchase this kit to learn how to solder electronic components by assembling a simple LED badge. This kit will be utilized in the “Learn to Solder” Maker Space session. Even if you’re a total beginner, don’t be intimidated: anyone can learn to solder!

[Makerspace] CodeMash UFO Badge
This project will allow you to put your soldering skills to the test. You will solder a CodeMash UFO / Alien “badge”, custom designed by Paul Pagel. This one may be a little tricky, because there are small SMD components. Don’t know how to Solder? That’s ok- take the soldering pre-requisite to learn and then apply your new skills. This project also incorporates the venerable 555 timer- no Arduino needed! Soldering irons and tools will be available in the Maker Space, but you may also use your own.

[PreCompiler] Build Your Own Gaming System
Precompiler Hardware Ticket – Purchase a ticket to keep the hardware for the Pre-Compiler session entitled “Build Your Own Gaming System”. Ticket holders will have priority for this session, and space is extremely limited. Learn more about the session here: