Just a quick announcement. In order to manage the flash mob load on the Kalahari phone system (which we have crashed in years past), the room reservation block will not be opened until October 10th, at 10 AM Eastern time. Get it? 10/10 @ 10? Anyway. The Kalahari actually has to staff up their phone line reservation agents to make sure they can handle the CodeMash surge.
You will need the special and attendee unique random code for the room reservation. This will be included in the email receipt that you receive once your ticket purchase is completed. We toyed with making it a GUID, but thought that might be a bit much for the Kalahari staff, so we are using prime numbers.
Let me be clear, even if you buy an alumni ticket on 10/1, you can’t make room reservations until 10/10. Same for new attendee tickets that go on sale on 10/8.
For Hotel rooms at the Kalahari, tax not included:
Tues – Thurs: Hut = $91/night, African Queen/Combination Suite = $179/night, and Village Suite = $278/night
Friday: Hut = $129, African Queen/Combination Suite = $219, and Village Suite = $319
Saturday: Hut = $179, African Queen/Combination Suite = $299, and Village Suite = $399
If the hotel is sold out when you call (which will happen) the Kalahari staff will help you get a room at one of the other CodeMash official hotels in the area. We run a shuttle system for all of the official hotels. Of course the Kalahari has an African Plain full of parking, so if you want to drive back and forth, that’s totally cool too.