In addition to the awesome food and content at CodeMash, we have a great selection of other activities to take part in. If there is one thing you can say about CodeMash, it’s that there is ALWAYS something going on somewhere. This year we are working even harder to get all of these activities into the scheduling tool so you know what is going on. We are also providing daily schedule sheets in the morning, as well as this blog series so you know what to expect.

What I am personally most excited for is the upgrade to our always very popular Artemis event, hosted by Gaming Nomads . Artemis is a starship bridge simulator (think Star Trek bridge). Each bridge is comprised of several touch screen stations (navigation, pilot, weapons, etc.), plus the captain with a big up front screen. The team must work together to complete the scenario they are playing. This is a great way to have some fun, and really work on your teamwork skills. I often see teams first struggle to win their scenario. After 15 minutes they figure out how to work together, and then they really starting kicking exhaust manifolds.

If you were reading closely you might have noticed the use of the work ‘each’ in the paragraph above. Yes! We have two bridges this year! Not only are we going to have two bridges, but we are turning two of the ballrooms into a space station for real like Nerf based away missions. Dock with the space station, and send out your away team to secure it against the rebels. Dirty, dirty rebels. Play weapons provides, but you have to provide your own red shirt.

Artemis will be available all week in the Banyan Hut, while the away missions will only be available Tuesday and Wednesday night (unless there is super mega huge demand, then we’ll see if we can schedule more away missions).

You should sign up for a slot ahead of time. For the full details:

Incident at Asimov Station

In 2212, during the height of the Unakalhai Uprising, a force of rebels (“Redshirts”) has seized the Space Station Asimov in order to use it as a forward base against the Terran Stellar Navy (TSN, aka “Bluebellies”) of the United Space Faring Planets (USFP). The TSN has sent the Kiev-class Battleship Kiev and the Artemis-class Light Cruiser Apollo to the nearby Command Station Campbell in order to retake the station. Expecting to face a few inferior rebel ships protecting the station, the two TSN ships discover only fleets from the other interstellar governments closing on the stations.

On the plus side, Asimov Station’s shields are offline. The Kiev must dock with the station and drop off a squad of Space Marines while the shields are down. These Space Marines must infiltrate the rebel station, complete their mission, and exfiltrate via one of the starships before the rebels can get the shields back online. Meanwhile, the two starships must fend off the alien fleets in order to buy the Marines time to complete their mission.

Gameplay Overview: This will be an Artemis-Integrated Live Action Scenario Game for up to 24 players per run. Each run will last 90 minutes and will include team selection, training, and scenario play. Players will be randomly selected to be on one of four teams: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Alpha and Bravo will consist of six players each which will be the bridge crews of the Kiev (Alpha) and the Apollo (Bravo). The six players of Charlie team will be the Space Marines, and the six players of Delta will be the rebel defenders. Charlie and Delta teams will be given laser tag rifles to simulate combat. All teams will be given more details and training at the time of the event.

Grab a spot ahead of time, since they fill up quickly: