The CodeMash team is busy getting all of the unicorns lined up for when tickets go on sale on October 3rd, at 6:05pm (Ohio time). In the mean time, we have a few announcements to make.

Call for Interns

Each year we rely on about 40 college interns to help make CodeMash go. Some year I’ll probably even learn a few of their names. If you know of someone who meets the requirements, please ask them to submit an application. Selections will be made at the end of October, and continue until all of the spots are full.

Intern Application

Speaker Selection Announcements

We will be announcing the speaker selections any minute now. Everything is set, we are just waiting for registration codes for the speakers. Hold tight. Once the speakers have been notified, we will add a page on the website listing all of the accepted sessions.

We want to thank all of the great speakers that took the time to submit a talk. We really wish we could accept all of the talks submitted, but that would make CodeMash 20 days long!

When the list is published, you will be able to find it here:

KidzMash Tickets

KidzMash tickets will be available sometime in November. We will send an email to all ticket holders at that time letting them know when KidzMash tickets are available. The tickets will once again be free, and only available to family members of CodeMash ticket holders.

We will also see the return of the Family Dinner. Over the years CodeMash has grown to take over every room at the Kalahari, every room in the convention center, and now we are taking over the restaurants! The Family Dinner will be held in the Kalahari restaurants this year! Next year we plan on taking over the whole parking lot as well, with an RV city.