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3 reasons you should come to CodeMash

1 Learning! Come to diversify your stack, or dig deeper into what you already know. Check out the schedule!
2 Connections: Prospecting a new job opportunity or maybe just looking to make some new friends? Check out our sponsors!
3 Try something new! Give a lightning talk, make something on a 3D printer, or play LAZER TAG!

Of course there are many other reasons, like escaping the Midwest cold, playing board games all night, and a lazy river. But we’re trying to keep it formal in case your boss is reading over your shoulder.




Don’t want to leave the family at home? No problem! We have KidzMash– a free family track for the spouses and families of attendees!

Still not convinced? Check out our video to know what to expect.

Buy your ticket (or have your employer do it… no judgment)!