There are three (ok, more than three) quirky little activities at CodeMash.

  • Lean Coffee – We will be hosting a Lean Coffee discussion. Grab your coffee, and head to Salon F. This is every morning for the hour before sessions start. We’ve placed it on the schedule. Discuss what you’ve learned, or what you hope to learn at CodeMash.
  • Book Swap – We will have a simple table setup just outside Longnecks (located near the grand staircase). Have a book you want to donate? Leave it. See a book you are interested in? Grab it. Just like the have a penny/leave a penny cups at stores, please give and take freely, but don’t be a hog.
  • Hot Sauce Table – At all meals there will be a small table off to the side with a variety of hot sauces for you to try. Have a favorite? Bring it and leave it on the table.