Special Announcement from our favorite Lighting Talk extraordianire, Corey Haines:




You’ve checked in to the Kalahari, got something to eat and drink and are looking for the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to kickoff this amazing event. There is ONLY ONE ANSWER YOU NEED TO CONSIDER!!!!!!!


Every year, we have an amazing lineup of great, quick talks on ANYTHING AT ALL (bonus points for delivering an actual talk about lightning). I’ll be up there introducing our speakers, making really bad jokes and begging the audience to get me a glass of whisky.

Want to speak? YOU CAN!
Want to attend only? ALSO PERFECT!
How does all of this work? It seems to good to be true! (spoiler: it isn’t!)

When is it? Wednesday night! 7pm. 

Special note from the management: Do you have a Thurs/Fri ticket? No problem! You can still come. Registration is available at 6:00pm (ish) on Wednesday night for Thurs/Fri ticket holders.  Come check in, and head over to Lightning talks.


Where is it? Main Ballroom (aaaaah, yeah!!!!)

How long are talks? 6 minutes each!

Where do I sign up? We’ll be opening submissions on or around January 2nd. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to worry about hitting the mark; we accept pretty much everyone. We had 21 speakers last year.

Does it have to a technical talk? NOPE! In fact, people like to hear more special-interest, non-technical talks. Want to talk about the best way to pet a cat? DO IT! Want to talk about the latest in deep-sea exploration with pictures of weird-looking animals? YES!!!!!!!

Slides? Sure. But, you need to deliver them to me in PDF, because you can’t use your own computer. We have a central computer that contains all the slides for EFFICIENCY!

Cloud-based slide delivery? Sure, if it can work through a standard browser.

Guess what?????? YOU GET A CLICKER TO CHANGE THE SLIDES! Not just forwards, but BACKWARDS ALSO!!!!!!!

I don’t have slides, just want to talk: AWESOME! TALKING IS SUPERB!

And DON’T WORRY! I’ll be emailing more reminders as we get closer!

Here’s a picture of Little Miss Louise. SHE IS ADORABLE