Here is a short guide on what is going on at CodeMash on Monday, January 9th, 2017.

Monday is mostly setup day. All of the staff and interns show up around noon and start unloading the large U-Haul truck we rent, and setting up everything.

Altogether there are about 90 staff members, not including the great staff at Kalahari. They will have training, setup the various registration booths (attendee, kidz, and sponsors), as well as prepare the speaker gifts, setup the Artemis bridges, setup the board game room, and arrange the 2,500 hoodies we have to give out.

Four day attendees can arrive and register at our registration desk at any time after 6:00 pm Monday night, or as early as 7am Tuesday morning.

Other than checking in, there isn’t much on the schedule for attendees. We have about¬†2,000 attendees for all four days, and about 50% of them check in Monday night. We also have most of the 210 speakers checking in Monday night as well.