Did you miss out on Space Camp when you were a kid?  Ever wonder what it feels like to be an astronaut?  New for 2018: CodeMash is partnering with NASA to offer guided tours at the NASA Plum Brook Station, which happens to be across the street from the Kalahari hotel.

It is here that NASA simulates the rigorous conditions of launch and high-altitude flight in order to test rockets and satellites before they are actually launched.  CodeMash has arranged for several small excursions to tour this NASA facility as part of the Kidzmash/CodeMash Families program! NASA can only accommodate one 25-person party per day, so space is limited. Tours are available Tues-Friday. See below for detailed times.

Tickets are free to CodeMash attendees and their families. Tickets will likely “sell out” quickly, and will be available until the week before CodeMash at the latest- as NASA needs the attendee list a week prior to the tour.

This is a facility that does not usually accommodate tours for the public, as it is an operational government facility. Current regulations require that all visitors must be US Citizens and nobody under the age of 9 is allowed to tour.

Some areas of this facility can be dangerous and all restrictions and requirements for each attendee must be followed.

All people touring the NASA facility (NASA requirements):

  • Must be registered for the tour at least a week in advance
  • Must be at least 9 years old
  • Must be US Citizens
  • Must have a state-issued ID or passport with you at all times (not required for children)
  • No cell phones or cameras of any kind will be allowed on the transport as they are not permitted inside the NASA facility. Codemash cannot keep your valuables secured for you during the tour.
  • No open-toed shoes

Note: Some areas of this facility are not accessible to people who have difficulty walking or climbing stairs. This facility is not handicap accessible as it pertains to these tours.

Are you comfortable with the requirements? Great! Hurry and click here to get your tickets.

Detailed Tour Information:

  • Ticket holders will depart from the Kalahari at 10 am on the ticketed day of the tour
  • Security Check-in at the NASA Plum Brook Station will begin at 10:15 am
  • The tour will begin at 10:30 am
  • Attendees will return to the Kalahari in time for lunch (around 12pm)