We hope everyone is having a great Summer, and are storing away heat in Transformer Energon Cubes for use in January. A few items of note.

0> We’ve opened up sponsorships for CodeMash 2016 for alumni sponsors. You should have received an email. If you didn’t, let us know telepathically.

1> New sponsors will be able to sign up starting July 1st, 2015. The information will posted to our site, with a link to the one stop shop sponsor management and engagement portal (OSSSMAEP, pronounced aws-map).

2> In years past we have had the super awesome Software Craftsmanship Calendar. This was put together by Steve Smith (a long time speaker, sponsor, and supporter of CodeMash), with sponsorship to help pay for a copy of the calendar for each attendee.

Because of company buyouts, and other boring topics, the calendar wasn’t produced last year. The CodeMash Collective Control Unit is only writing this post because we received so many requests and questions about the calendar during CodeMash 2015. And we love the calendar. We hang it in our bathroom.

Currently, Steve and his cohorts, have produced the calendar, and are using a Kickstarter to fund the printing of said calendar. We currently do not have a sponsor who can provide one to each attendee. Since so many people want them (especially we the Collective), we want to make you aware of the Kickstarter campaign so you can support them and grab your own.

Please check it out, and support the calendar if you want. And if you are a sponsor who wants to make the calendar available to all of the attendees, then we want to speak with you.