We have published the milestone schedule for CodeMash planning. Keep in mind that these dates could waffle a little bit, but they should be pretty close to reality. Just always check the site for any updates or changes to the site.

You will notice that there isn’t a “hotel room hunger games” milestone. We have something in the works right now. When we are ready to release rooms, it will likely be a few days after ticket sales opens up. We will share our super double dog secret plans once they are fully baked and approved by the UN Humanitarian Council on Humaness. Wisconsin (where the call center is based) asked us not to burn their phone system to the ground this year.

Another note to note, in the past the alumni ticket window was a week before the non-alumni ticket window. Any unsold alumni tickets were rolled into the regular ticket pool. This year, both ticket windows will open at the same time. There will still be a separate pool of alumni tickets. When the first week is over, those alumni tickets will roll into the regular ticket pool. We use pools of tickets because they are easier to manage when you are holding an event in a waterpark.

Without further ado:

Milestone Schedule

June 15 – Alumni Sponsorship Opens
June 30 – All Sponsorship Opens
August 1- Topic Interest Survey
August 15 – Call for Speakers Opens
August 31 – Call for Speakers Closes
September 15 – Call for Interns
September 30 – Session Selection Announcement
October 1 – Alumni and New Attendee Tickets go on sale
October 7 – Alumni Ticket window closes
October 19 – Schedule Survey
December 1 – Final Schedule Published
January 5 – CodeMash!

Please note these are our goals, but that dates are subject to change.

Do people in metric countries say milestone? or kilometerstone?

In other news, we have three general info mailing lists setup now. One for sponsor info, one for speaker info, and one for attendee info. If you were in one of those categories in the past few years we went ahead and signed you up. Feel free to unsubscribe, it won’t hurt our feelings. Apparently gear driven floating heads don’t have feelings. Or emotions. *sniff*

Sponsor Information

Speaker Information

Attendee Information