Are you ready to get your ticket for CodeMash? We have details now available for tickets and hotels. Please read through the details on the “Buy Tickets” web page for more information.

  • New this year!
    • Early Bird ticket pricing will be in effect until 11/8, then prices increase. More details below.
    • Planning to stay at the Kalahari? We will be using the Kalahari website for reserving hotel rooms this year, and a code is required. More details below.

Here’s the TLDR:

  • Attendee Tickets will go on sale starting 4 PM Eastern, on Tuesday, October 8th. Early-bird discount prices for tickets are $350 for Thurs/Fri and $700 for Tues-Fri. After November 8, prices will be $400 (2-day) and $800 (4-day). Don’t procrastinate too long, because after January 1st they increase to $500 (2-day) and $1000 (4-day).
  • A four-day ticket is required to get a room at Kalahari. If you buy a four-day ticket and indicate that you want to stay at the Kalahari at the time of purchase, you will receive a code to use on the Kalahari website for reserving a hotel room at Kalahari. Your stay (be it four nights or more than four nights) must include Monday night through Thursday night.
  • Many other hotels are available in the area. Phone numbers, booking links (where available) and group rate info is provided on the “Buy Tickets” web page.
  • CodeMash will once again be running a shuttle service to nearby hotels. The shuttle runs a loop, to and from the Kalahari. In some cases, hotels are further out of our range, and it would be cost prohibitive to add shuttle service.  Shuttle service times are listed at (click the “Information” button on the upper right hand side).

We sure hope to see you at CodeMash! Head over to this link after 4pm EST on Tuesday, Oct 8th to get your ticket:

Know someone who isn’t quite sure what CodeMash is about? Check out our promo video, and share with a friend or colleague: