This is a blog post from 2015. It doesn’t apply to later years. We keep it here, to keep the blog record intact.

There will be two shuttles running loops through all of the official hotels. There is a scheduled loop during the morning and evenings, and an on demand shuttle through the rest of the day. Please see the timings below.

You can use our website to track where the shuttle is, You can see where the shuttles are in real time.

The shuttle will pick up and drop off by Entrance A in the conference center (near the attendee registration booth and the giant lion). The shuttle will pick up and drop off by the main lobby doors of each hotel. The shuttles are available to attendees and their families.

There will be signs in every hotel at the shuttle stop with information.


6:30am – 11:00am – Two shuttles running to all hotels

Afternoon: (Expect a delay)

Call for Pickup

Complimentary service to area hotels.
Call Kalahari Concierge for Pickup (FIFO)
(419) 433-7200 x34089


In the evening the shuttle runs on demand from the Kalahari (Entrance A) to the other hotels.

Shuttle will run from Kalahari to hotels during hours below. To return to the Kalahari from a hotel, call: (916) 4CO-MASH (916) 426-6274

Tuesday / Wednesday – 7:30pm – Midnight

Thursday – 7:30pm – 1:30am

Friday – 7:30pm – 10:00pm