You finally got that new Mac for Christmas. Or maybe it was a Surface Book if you were a really good girl or boy.  And you even managed to get that laptop sticker on the back of it, and thought happy thoughts about all the great code you’ll be writing while at CodeMash. But...there may be a thing or two you still need to do, aside from installing the latest version of your IDE.  If you’re not careful, you may find yourself sitting in a Pre-Compiler all ready to go, only to find out that you made a fatal error. You forgot to download the pre-requisites!  Or even worse, you downloaded the *wrong file*.

If this happens to you, you will find yourself competing with all of your other wonderful CodeMash colleagues for bandwidth.  They may be seeding their machine to cloud backups, watching youtube videos of cats, and/or pulling the same 5GB file over the Internet and Wi-Fi that you need… by the time you have it, and get it installed, the first break has passed and you are woefully behind. You grudgingly pick up your gear head out of the room, and find an organizer to gripe to… (it doesn’t help, but it makes you feel better…)

Ready to download? Head over to get the pre-compiler pre-reqs at

Don’t see anything posted for your pre-compiler session? Check back later- we will be updating the pre-reqs as speakers tweak their presentations and get them to us.