We’ve all been there… you’re sitting in a precompiler, all ready to go, and then you realize that the 5GB file you downloaded before you left home was the *wrong file*. Now, you are fighting with all of your other wonderful CodeMash colleagues trying to completely backup up their Mac with Carbonite, and/or pulling the same 5GB file over the Internet and Wi-Fi as you… by the time you have it, and get it installed, the first break has passed and you are woefully behind. You grudgingly pick up your gear head out of the room, and find an organizer to gripe to… (it doesn’t help, but it makes you feel better…)

Side note: You can get all the precompiler prereqs at http://prereq.codemash.org.

The CodeMash Pre-Compiler Improvement Committee minions, in an attempt to mitigate the wonder that is above, convinced a number of our Pre-Compiler speakers to participate in an install fest the night before their session. Both Monday and Tuesday evenings, at 7 PM, in the main dining room, a number of the speakers will be present to help you get your system ready for their session the following day. While the list is in a bit of flux (the minions only formed said committee a few hours ago), the list for each night is currently as follows:


Monday Evening, 7PM, Main Dining Hall

          Behavior Driven Web Application Security

          7 Languages in 7 Hours

          Game Development with the Unity Game Engine

          Apple Watch Development with Swift

          Money Makes Your App Go Round

          NodeCopters – controlling drones with the power of JavaScript (located in Salon A/Salon H)

 Tuesday Evening, 7PM, Main Dining Hall

          3D Modeling for Makers and Game Developers!

          CodeMash Capture the Flag Tournament

 We hope you take advantage of this opportunity, and be sure to let the speakers know you appreciate the extra time they are putting in to help make CodeMash awesome.