CodeMash General Privacy Policy

CodeMash takes the privacy of our attendees very seriously. Your private attendee data will ONLY be used to operate CodeMash. We will take best measure (we are volunteers, in a non-profit org) to protect your private data. Your private data (name, contact information, etc) will NOT be shared with anyone.

As with English grammar, there are two exceptions:

1. If we are compelled, in a legal way, to share your info, then we will be forced to. In this case we WILL notify you, and share only the minimal amount of information we are compelled to. We will also have big frowny faces on, because who likes to be compelled to do anything?

2. We DO share survey profile question responses, in aggregate, with our sponsors. We share this profile information so that our sponsors can understand the makeup of the CodeMash attendees, so they can make a business decision in sponsoring CodeMash. This information is shared publicly in the sponsor prospectus.

CodeMash QR Code Scanning Mobile App

The CodeMash Scanning App has been created for the entire purpose of sharing information with attendees and sponsors during our conference. But you are in complete control of who you want your information shared with- more detail below.

While at the conference, our Sponsors may have some shiny prizes they are raffling, or some great swag. You might be interested in learning more about the Sponsor, or maybe even trying to find a job with them.We also thought it would be great for attendees to be able to share information. So yeah, that’s basically the reason we created this app. It’s all about sharing information.

For more information about CodeMash, please visit our web site:

What information do we collect?

We only collect the information that you actively share with us. There’s no data collection in the background. When you share your name, email, postal code, and other information (Company Name, Primary Role, Primary Platform, Programming Languages you use) in the app, that we do collect.

We also collect the information in your CodeMash QR code that’s on your CodeMash lanyard. The data in your QR code is only used to associate you with that code.

The one exception to this is when you choose to use the app to alert us of a violation of our code of conduct. In this case, your email address that you use for that communication as well as any information in that email will be shared with the CodeMash administrators solely for the purpose of addressing the issue that you share in that email. This information never leaves the CodeMash committee.

In short, if you don’t directly enter in information, we’re not collecting it. We don’t collect any other information such as IP addresses, address book information, pictures on your phone, your favorite font, etc. And if we don’t collect it, we can’t share it. You won’t find any warlocks here, but we can’t guarantee the game room won’t have any.

How is the information shared?

We share the information that you enter into the app with the following people:

  • Sponsors who you allow to scan your QR code. Please note that after a Sponsor scans your code, they may also provide additional info in a comments field which links to your QR code. Only provide additional information that you are comfortable sharing to our sponsors.
  • Other CodeMash attendees that you have let scan your QR code, and you have scanned their QR code. Both most scan- it’s kind of needing two people to turn they key to fire the missile.
  • Attendees or Sponsors can request an email to be sent, which includes a CSV attachment of all attendees that have shared information per above scenarios. Sponsors must also be registered in our Sponsor Portal to make a request. (Sponsors can contact us at for more information).
  • The overriding factor to all of the preceding is that we will share information when required by law. In this case, we will only share information with those who we are legally required to provide information and we will only provide information we are legally required to provide. For example, if we are required by law to provide information that we have on a Hans Gruber, then we will share only the information pertaining to Hans Gruber and we will only share it with the people that we are required to by law. If everyone remembers the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Be excellent to each other,” then we shouldn’t have to worry about this.

With all of this in mind, we recommend that you only provide us with information that you feel comfortable sharing under these policies. In addition to that, we also recommend that you always look both ways when crossing the street and don’t accept rides from penguins that you don’t know.

How is the information stored?

The above information that you enter will be stored in a secured database that is connected to over the internet.

The Roof Geese also occasionally try to mess up our internet connection, but that has nothing to do with information, except it is pretty much next to impossible to use the app when the internet connection doesn’t work. No other information about you (such as registration data from Eventbrite) is stored, linked, or utilized by this application.

Your Consent

By using our mobile app, you consent to our privacy policy.

Contacting Us

For any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us: