ticket-317356-mWe are in the home stretches of our final preparations for CodeMash V2.0.1.5. Part of that is locking down (as much as we can at this point) the session schedule and room assignments. Those were posted earlier this week. The schedule still has a few bugs, but we are working through them. Now is the time to review the Precompiler sessions and see if you want to upgrade your two day ticket with one or two extra days. The Precompiler sessions we have lined up this year are wicked fantastically amazing. Check out the schedule, and then go get the upgrade to your ticket. To upgrade, you will go back through the ticket process, but this time select the single day or double day upgrade ticket. Please make sure to use the same Eventbrite.com account you used for your original purchase. Also, the upgrade tickets are only for those that already have a base two day (Thursday and Friday) ticket. If you don’t have that yet, you can still pick one up.

Now that you are attending the Precompiler you should be aware that there are two sessions with limited seating. This is due to the limited amount of hardware and tools available for these sessions. The sessions that have limited capacity are the Node Bots Precompiler, and the Holiday Light Fight DIY.

The Node Bots Precompiler is a full day session, and it runs twice. Each copy is identical, you pick the day that works for you. Seating is limited to 80 attendees per session, and there is no additional cost to build your own self-aware bot.

The other limited seating session is also being run twice, but it is only half a day long. You will need to reserve a seat for The Holiday Light Fight DIY session. There is a $60 fee for this session, because you will be bringing home a bag of electronics (you get to keep what you make).

To reserve your seats, go back to our registration site, and ‘buy’ the session ticket. Again, please make sure to use the same Eventbrite account as your CodeMash ticket.

Drop-ins will be allowed for both sessions, pending available space. Both will require a safety waiver to be signed by the participant.