CodeMash Scanner

What is the CodeMash Scanner?

The CodeMash Scanner app is intended for attendees and sponsors. The mobile app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.  Note: the apps for last year won’t work, so you’ll need to update and/or reinstall them. If you can’t run the app on your phone, don’t worry- you can still register your QR code (see FAQ section below).

The CodeMash Scanner App provides the following functionality:

  • Claim your attendee code, which is located on the badge you pick up from registration. In order to claim your code, you will be required to provide some basic info (name, email, postal code, country, and company) and can optionally provide info about your role, favorite programming languages, etc.
  • Scan other attendees (aka “Make Friends”) that you meet at CodeMash so that you can stay in touch after the Week of Awesome is over.
  • Sponsors provide swag or raffle prizes, and in many cases they choose random winners based on who they scan.  A sponsor may ask if it’s OK to scan your badge when you stop by their booth.
  • You may also view our Code of Conduct, and report any violations.

For more detail about how scanning data is shared, please view our privacy policy here:

FAQ Section

Just want to register your code?

If you would prefer not to install the app (or can’t)- hey, we get that.  Just go to our mobile web app and type in your code, and you’re done.

Oh noes! My Phone is too old to run the app. What can I do?  (Or, if you have problems with the Native App).

We are impressed by your dedication. Use the mobile web app , and install the 3rd Party Pic2Shop app (available on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS). We still support the mobile app version, which should work with Windows Phone, at least the last time we checked.

I don’t have a phone, and/or this seems too complicated.

Maybe a shark ate your phone, or the roof goose swooped down and stole it while you were walking into the Kalahari.  We still allow you to register your QR code, which can be done at the Sponsor Registration Booth on a kiosk. Probably running on a Raspberry Pi.

I’m a sponsor and I’m confused.

Sponsors, please refer to your Sponsor Scanning Handout for further instructions. If questions about the app, ask a volunteer at the Sponsor Registration booth.

Does this display the conference schedule?

No. This app is used to claim your QR code, which is found on your badge after you register at CodeMash.  The official app for the CodeMash Event Schedule is Event Board.  We have them separate because, why not? There’s an app for everything these days.