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3:30 PM

Bad Tendencies in Leaders and How to Manage Up

Presented by: Benjamin Dobrowolski
Time: Thursday 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

No matter where you’ve worked, we’ve all had those bosses that we’ve not gotten along with. But what if you did more than complain about it? What if you could “manage” your boss, to not only your benefit, but to your co-workers benefit as well? Take back control and learn to manage up...

Room: CypressTrack: Teams & CollaborationTags: Soft Skills, Leadership, Project ManagementFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate


9:45 AM

How to answer "When will it be done?" using probabilistic forecasting.

Presented by: Chris Shinkle
Time: Friday 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

"When will it be done?" How often have you been asked that question? That question strikes fear or frustration in most people. It often results in throwing up your hands in frustration or tossing out a wild guess. Surely there's a better way? Forget story points, t-shirt sizing, historical...

Room: CypressTrack: Teams & CollaborationTags: Agile, Project Management, VelocityFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate