AI Speaks: Giving Large Language Models a Voice with Alexa

Presented by: Craig Walls
Time: Thursday, Jan. 11, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Large Language Models (LLM) have been quite the buzz lately, offering one of the first tangible applications of artificial intelligence for the masses. Despite quirks and "hallucinations", LLMs show real promise of being a valuable component in the future of thinking machines.

Meanwhile, for a few years, voice technologies such as Amazon Alexa have enabled applications that talk and listen to users, creating a natural and lifelike user interface. The pairing of Alexa and LLMs seems all to obvious: A thinking machine that can converse with its users.

In this session, we'll explore ways to bring LLMs to life with voice. We'll consider a handful of popular LLMs and see how to integrate them into a voice user experience offered by Alexa. You'll leave with a basic understanding of where the integration points are and hopefully be inspired to create amazing and unique user experiences.

Room: Salon GTags: Javascript, IoT, Machine LearningLevel: Introductory and overview