Platform as a Product: the future of Agile and DevOps

Presented by: Brad Nelson
Time: Friday, Jan. 12, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Cross-functional teams and full-stack developers have become the expectation in today's highest-performing teams. However, as technology needs become more complex and solutions begin to scale, it becomes increasingly difficult for software engineers to balance expertise across all layers of the stack, operations, security, development tools, etc. This leads to an increased cognitive load for your engineers, resulting in lower performance, longer development times, decreased quality, and, ultimately, developer burnout. In this talk, we'll explore how applying Product Thinking to Platform Engineering can reduce this burden on your development teams while preventing organizational bottlenecks. Join this talk to learn what a platform is, what the product mindset is, and how to architect for enterprise flow.

Room: Indigo BayTags: Programming Principles, DevOps, Agile, System DesignLevel: Intermediate