Building a Full-Stack Application with Flutter and Dart

Presented by: Ryan Edge

For the past few years, Flutter has revolutionized mobile app development by allowing developers to build high-performance, cross-platform applications with ease. However, building a full-stack application can be a challenging task because we often find ourselves juggling multiple technologies to solve problems across an application stack.

In this talk, we will explore how to build a full-stack application using Flutter and Dart Frog.

Dart Frog is a backend framework that, when coupled with Flutter, allows developers to build full-stack applications using a single programming language. By leveraging the power of Flutter for the front-end and Dart Frog for the backend, developers can build high-performance applications with ease.

We will start by introducing the basics of Flutter and Dart Frog and their key features. We will then dive into building a full-stack application, starting with the front-end using Flutter, and then moving onto the backend using Dart Frog. We will cover topics such as handling user authentication, building RESTful APIs, and using a database to store data.

Throughout the talk, we will also discuss best practices for building full-stack applications and how to ensure that your application is scalable and maintainable. We will also highlight the advantages of using Flutter and Dart Frog together, including reduced development time and increased developer productivity.

By the end of the talk, attendees will have a solid understanding of how to build a full-stack application using Flutter and Dart Frog. They will also have learned best practices for building scalable and maintainable applications, as well as the benefits of using Flutter and Dart Frog together.

Tags: Front End, Mobile, CloudLevel: Intermediate